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I cannot speak to sprayable biochar as such,  but a while ago Stephen Joseph and Pan Genxing shared results from using a foliar spray of water in which they had boiled biochar.  I thought that the idea was cool enough to try at Warm Heart.  The young man who did the experiment was not much for the science of measurement,  but his photos more than made the case that the stuff worked a dream. 

Even to use it this way (plastic spray bottle), we had to filter it furiously to make it almost clear (free of biochar particles) or it clogged the nozzle. 

Perhaps if you can grind to nano and then add an emulsifier of some sort,  you will be able to pump BC powder suspended in water through an irrigation system.  If so, it won't be where I live. Check with someone who works large-scale,  perhaps with one of the big central post,  rotating rigs.  Their holes may be larger. 


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Good Day,

Given that there does not seem many folks, based on the response I saw, who are currently utilizing biochar in a liquid form...........

Are folks interested in a sprayable biochar liquid that can be applied via irrigation ?

Putting biochar into a liquid vehicle opens up many opportunities/possibilities for biochar practioners.........


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