Beyond the trough

At Warm Heart, we love the trough (flame cap, whatever). After all, Karl Frogner developed and tested it here and Gordon Hirst drew it up.

But out here, reality is a big deal. Mountain farmers complained that a trough is too expensive and too heavy - and really requires water to quench.

What to do?


The new trough is a short trench in the ground sized so that it can be covered with a cut open and flattened 200 l. drum.

You use the trench exactly as you would a trough, but when it is full you do not quench. Instead, you cover the trench with the flattened drum and seal the edges with dirt from the hole. Because smothering takes hours, you then move on to the next trench.

Cost reduction? About 90%. Weight reduction? About 95%. Water hauling reduction? 100%.

Pretty cool.

It's not elegant, but then, who's looking?

Michael Shafer

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