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First Annual Nordic Biochar Network Meeting in Helsinki Dec 11


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Newsletter 02/2018 I November 2018


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Join the network's first meeting

So far, our network has been an idea and some motivated people working on it. Now we are ready to take the next step and have our first meeting. The Finnish Biochar Association holds their annual gathering on December 11th in Helsinki and has offered to host a discussion about the Nordic network there as well. We want to meet and discuss the shape and future of the Nordic Biochar Network. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in the network and at the same time check out Finland's activities on biochar.


Hope to see you in Helsinki!

Kathrin Weber


What has happened so far

Mapping of biochar activities

Slowly, but continuously, our webpage continues to grow. We have added a few more sections and most importantly the first results of the biochar survey that we started before the summer and that many of you participated in. Thanks to Elias Azzi (KTH), you can look at these results in the form of a map, which you find on our homepage


Check out the map


What is currently going on


More planning and mapping


The map is work in progress and so is the homepage. We continue to survey biochar activities in the Nordic countries and if you haven't found yourself on the map yet, you should let us know.
There will soon be a "biochar blog" on the homepage as well, in which we will collect and write about different biochar-related topics. I encourage you to contribute here, with ideas, requests or your own blog entry.




What will happen next

Biochar meetings

There are two great networking opportunities coming up. As mentioned above, the Finnish Biochar Network holds their annual meeting on December 11th in Helsinki. During this meeting, we will get together and discuss the Nordic Biochar Network. Don't miss this chance. Register before November 26th via the FBA's webpage.


In addition, the Norwegian Biomass Association (NOBIO) and Greenhouse are inviting to a networking meeting to discuss biochar activities in Norway. The meeting will place on November 27th in Oslo. You can get the invitation (in Norwegian) from our website.


Register for the Finnish Biochar Seminar

Check out the biochar meeting in Oslo





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