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These are great photos.

I just forwarded your email to a friend with whom I am trying to get the palm oil plantations to consider charring their trunks in trenches. if you have any more video of the coppiced tree stuff, please post it!


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On Wed, Jan 9, 2019 at 3:01 PM João Pedro Moreira Gonçalves joaovox@... [biochar] <biochar@...> wrote:

Some photos of the 2 ways we used to make char at a home/garden scale.
We also make char everyday by picking embers from the fire place,
while cooking or sitting around the fire, and cooling them in a closed old pan..

Next to our eucalyptus coppice we opened this trench to make it.

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Absolutely no idea. Neat idea. What's the char look and feel like? How does it work? Have you asked anyone to test it?

I would assume that the issue would be the amount of sand.. Can you post a set of sequential photos of the process from start of making the char to the smothering?


On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 7:07 PM João Pedro Moreira Gonçalves joaovox@... [biochar] <biochar@...> wrote:

Our soil is mostly sand so we cover the ambers (inside half drum "trench") with this sandy soil with some moisture in it. It took about 7 days for about the core of 100 ltrs of char to cool down. Wonder if too much oxigen is absorbed thru the sand...

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I agree.....   for us rather than using large and small, we use the term 'appropriate' to describe the scale of the approaches we apply......     

Looking at the trench-char approach thru a different lens shows us a possible methodology to reduce the weed seed bank in the soil prior to planting.  Thus we only to deal with weed seeds coming in on the wind..... 

We are looking forward to testing our weed seed bank idea next season.......    

my 2 cents


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