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Dear Paul,

You kindly turned me on to an lengthy video interview with the new CEO of the Clean Stove Alliance. Unfortunately, I was so irritated at hearing it all again - attached to some truly huge numbers (as in $4 billion a year in investment), that i could not refrain from commenting. (Their new, "rebranded" website is a model of repackaging. Same spiel, same 100 million target, same 3 billion suffering unfortunates and same promises to energize rapid ramp up to scale, etc., etc.) The result of my rant was that the editor pulled it and asked to turn it into an actual article.

One of my bigger points was that the stove movement has lang since escaped the Alliance and is not only innovating quite nicely, thank you very much, but also developing sustainable business models. Don't get a fat head, but I cited a couple of your efforts, not least the Uganda stove project and Juntos. To my chagrin, they fell in the editing, but know that I didn't diss the stoving effort itself, just bemoaned the inept gorilla in the room.

Here's the link.


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Stovers,    (and to Biochar List because the TLUD stoves make good biochar),


TLUD char-producing cookstoves will be in high profile at the ETHOS conference that starts this coming  Friday, and at the TLUD Summit at Aprovecho in the days afterwards.  


In preparation for those events (or for discussions that include those who are not attending),

I request that you read (at least skim or glance at) the “article” at  


Especially please read the first few pages that introduce TLUD stoves in a rather different way, as part of a fictional story.  It gets into the needs, the benefits, and how to finance the stoves.

The second half gets into details on scaling up for very large numbers of TLUD stoves.  Some of this can be part of our discussions in the coming days.


The document is an extraction of a sub-theme of my recent book “A Capitalist Carol.”   I will have some copies of the book at ETHOS, but the stoves part is totally at that web page.


I hope that you can see your role in the future of this TLUD story. 






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