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Fantastic idea - and, if I may - one that does not require your altruism. Thousands of small and medium sized towns across the US could - and should - adopt similar schemes that, if nothing else, would cover all costs, saving a lot of money.

As it stands now, towns collect leaves eliminating the primary cost of composting. Likewise, they generally collect dead tree branches and even dead trees, especially if they are on public land, eliminating the primary cost of charring. Both leaves and tree stuff are generally delivered to the same location. 

An obvious program is to char the wood using any sized trough they think appropriate. If nothing else the process reduces the amount to chip and send to the dump or landfill. Better, if the char is mixed with the leaf compost, the town can dramatically reduce or eliminate its fertilizer budget, savings thousands of dollars annually.

And, of course, to the extent that anyone actually cares, the program will sequester lots of CO2 and avert the emission of tons and tons of CO2e, smog precursors and PM2.5. Oh, and the fertilizer will not only make the parks and playing fields green. It will also lock up all sorts of contaminants lurking in the grass.

Just a thought.


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Kelpie--thanks for the info, but far more important is that within it was Kurt.Spokas@... in Mpls. who I've bombarded since yesterday, with material on my efforts to find better ways to make biochar from the millions of dead ash which all communities in Mn. have been torching for 25 yrs. with the blessing of our DNR Forestry Dept.--only $5 for a yearly permit, just so you don't burn their forests, or your burning doesn't result in complaints to our office and it has worked perfectly and will continue forever, except if you, Tom Miles and a couple from exotic places send The Winona Farm support to Winona's Mayor and City Council as early as possible this June 17th, other wise at 6:30 pm, they will rubber stamp a 2 yr. extension of Bruce Reed's contract to operate the City Compost Site, which he has done for over 25 yrs., receiving over 1 million, to burn most of it, on City land, adjoining the sewage plant.  His new contract is for 55K for this yr. and 57K next yr., which is, open limited hrs., so he can squeeze the public into fewer hrs. for collecting for everything in and compost, etc. that he sells.

Far more important is that at 87, I'm determined to donate this 175 acre farm, 3 mi. from the center of Winona, Mn., to The Winona Farm, Inc. before I drop, or it is guaranteed, for a couple million, to become some rich person's locked gate, show off estate, which is the last thing I want, because it has such potential for making use of the organic materials that too many communities prefer to burn or bury. The Winona Farm Community Service Compost Site has been open every day, from dawn until dark for 29 yrs., operating from only an honors jar..  For 19 yrs. 400 City truck loads of street leaves a yr.,have been dumped here. Bruce Reed has refused to take them because wet leaves don't burn.  It is almost amusing, what a cash cow Winona City Council supports, when if they'd work with me, Winona could be an example of what more cities could do, other than burn or bury. Thanks, Dick

City Mayor and Council, who will make the decision today and don't have a clue about biochar and anything but burning wood, with a little mulch for a photo.   

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