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Tom Miles



If you were Agromin what specification would you require for this application?


What quality of biochar, with a guaranteed analysis, would NextChar deliver for an order of 2,000 tons of biochar for Agromin or a similar customer?


What quality assurance practices does Nextchar employ to guarantee that your char meets those specifications?







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Very impressive, Rick. IBI must be green with envy..... Is this a race to the bottom of the art of specifications?


- Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, PE


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I thought I would share with you the biochar specification that Agromin uses on both the buy and sell side when used as a soil amendment. 

It is meant as guidance, not an absolute requirement.  For that you need to understand what soil you are putting it into, and why you are adding it. 


Agromin, it is the largest marketer of soil products in California, and among the largest composter.  And California is the largest $$ producer of crops in the world. 

There is considerable trade occurring around this specification. It's been being used for over a year, and so far, it's working well. 


The spec utilizes standard soil tests as per the test standards Soil Science of America Part 3 - Chemical Analysis, and Part 1 - Physical and mineralogical methods.  The idea of measuring biochar's soil properties, is that you can see what the material will do the the soil and use the formalism of soil science to understand its potential impact. So you start by taking a soil analysis. And by using standard soil tests, any soil lab can do the test. 


There is justification for quantitative value's being use and is included in the specification.  Note that the spec is good for blends up to 10 percent biochar.


Happy to discuss, 


Rick Wilson






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