Re: Don't Cut Those Trees — Big Food Might Be Wat ching: NPR #carbon #trees

Glenn Atkisson

I'd say regardless of how marvelous the forest monitoring tool is, we won't make progress in slowing deforestation by leaving forest protection up to Big Food.

I don't know what part of the Climate Change Summit dealt with deforestation, but it should be a main part, and countries, not corporations,need to take action, Climate Accord or not, countries should use satellite tracking to monitor and then heavily tax landowners for forests that are cut.

And cutting forests to grow grain to feed cattle should be completely outlawed, not taxed. All the uproar over methane produced from cattle herds is statistics based on cattle raised or finished in feed lots where the feed is heavily grains like maize and oats -- carbohydrates that bring on indigestion and cause excessive methane production.

We need to return to raising cattle only on pasture grass, etc. That alone would cut cattle-caused methane tremendously, not to mention it would stop costly cultivation and transportation of grain and soybean crops purely to feed cattle.



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Subject: [biochar] Don't Cut Those Trees — Big Food Might Be Watching: NPR

Don't Cut Those Trees — Big Food Might Be Watching: NPR

Here’s a great new satellite tool to observe deforestation in real time and perhaps even do something about it.

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