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Stephen Joseph

Hi Tom
Genxing has published the results in Chinese journal.

I have the paper somewhere and will send it through.  Here is a summary

There is good papers from the group at central Queensland University

Biochar, zeolite and bentonite feed supplements influence broiler growth and

meat yield and excreta properties

Die Futterzusatzstoffe Biochar, Zeolit und Bentonit beeinflussen das Wachstum, den

Fleischanteil und die Ausscheidungen von Broilern

T.P. Prasai, K.B. Walsh, D.J. Midmore and S.P. Bhattarai*


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We are hearing from Asia and Africa that biochars in bedding and feed improve the health of cattle, pigs, and chickens and are assumed to help reduce the incidence of disease. I haven’t seen papers or presentations on this topic since the Asian Pacific Biochar Conference in Kyoto, Japan, in 2011 where it was discussed in informal gatherings and a few formal presentations.  I would think this would be more likely to appear in observations of smallholder farm animals than in university studies where animals are more likely to have fewer health problems. Any information o these effects would be helpful and may direct future study.





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