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No scientific data to provide, but the veterinarian we are working with in Malawi reports that cows fed biochar regularly get sick less often and yield 15 liters of milk daily, up from 8 (a function, I suspect, of being healthier).

I have also been told on multiple occasions by Malawi team members that chickens, cows, goats, pigs, quails and rabbits all appear healthier with biochar feed supplements.

Recently, I received word from our project leader that an unknown, intestinal illness was killing chickens. Apparently, some woman fed her chickens biochar and they got better. Now everyone is feeding their chickens biochar 

Needless to say, all this is not only anecdotal, but also second hand. It does suggest, however, that some applied, field research might be very valuable. If testing showed that basic, home made, crop waste biochar is as effective as reported, then it would make a huge difference for millions of poor families unlikely to have access to better any time soon. This is the sort of thing that traveling vets can teach and can be taught in basic vocational training programs for vets and ag extension agents.

Note, with all due respect, that what will matter to the millions is immediate applicability and the dissemination of the findings to the lowest ranks where face to face knowledge exchange takes place.


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We are hearing from Asia and Africa that biochars in bedding and feed improve the health of cattle, pigs, and chickens and are assumed to help reduce the incidence of disease. I haven’t seen papers or presentations on this topic since the Asian Pacific Biochar Conference in Kyoto, Japan, in 2011 where it was discussed in informal gatherings and a few formal presentations.  I would think this would be more likely to appear in observations of smallholder farm animals than in university studies where animals are more likely to have fewer health problems. Any information o these effects would be helpful and may direct future study.





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