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Yes, we bought a 15HP Chinese pellet machine and are using a 3/8” die. The main objective was to pelletize thinning slash, which is otherwise of negative value, and create a densified storable, transportable feedstock for building heating and process heat (char making co-product). Normally slash is too low in bulk density and consistency to be worth messing with. The first run of juniper slash pellets are fairly low density (25#/cf) but they are holding together well. I think the moisture content was a bit high and we expect to get to 35# at lower MC, which will be fine. I’m told by a “real" pellet guy that we’ll save electricity and the dies will last longer at 35# rather than 40# (the normal pellet stove density). 

These pellets would not be good for ordinary pellet stoves because they are “dirty”. But we want them to be used to make char, so not a problem.


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are you doing the pelleting.. ?


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