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A couple of things. The best you can achieve with pyrolysis is 35%, so 250 kg per tonne will be pretty good.

I work at a very small scale, and am not a good source for batch technology at the 1 tonne volume. Paul may know, but I would suggest Tom Miles at IBI or Trevor Roberts, a biochar engineer and consultant I know and trust who works out of Kuala Lumpur. (See cc line.)

I am still puzzled as to who you/we are. Is this a professional project for the State of Orissa or are you planning to start a business?

When you say "phosphorus enhanced" does this refer solely to the high phosphorus content of banana waste, or do you plan to supplement? If the latter, can you please provide me with the papers that demonstrate the value added of biomass supplementation with phosphorus regarding the performance of the resulting char?


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Dear Dr. Michael Shafer and Paul Anderson,
Thanks for replying regarding our queries related to the pyrolysis unit plant through e-mail under the biochar yahoo group. I wish to inform that we studied the pyrolysis of banana plant waste biomass and produced potassium enriched biochar. We are looking to scale-up the pyrolysis set-up about 1000 - 2000 Kg dried biomass in powdered form in a batch which will produce about 250 - 500 Kg of biochar. The reason for undertaking the work is utilizing the potassium enriched waste biomass for value-added biochar products which will be useful towards agricultural soil application. Along with it, we wish to also study bio-oil and syn-gas which will make the process economically viable. I look forward to your guidance related to pyrolysis and biochar production from waste biomass. 
With best wishes and regards
Dr. Manish Kumar

Institute of Mineral and Material Technology (IMMT), CSIR
Bhubaneswar (orissa)
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I am with Paul. I think that the key issues are (1) what volume of biomass do you plan to process? (2) what type of biomass do you plan to process? and (3) what do you want to do all this for?


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Dear Manish,


Many of us are able to help in different ways.   But we really need more information from you about your vision of what you want, and include info about the biomass and you intended budget and target result.f


For starters about what I can do to assist, please see my July presentation about “Farm-scale production of biochar….”  It is at   .    But you might want something totally different.   That is why we request more info from you.


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Dear Biochar Fraternity,

Greeting from India!

Can any of you share the information about "Pyrolysis Unit" design and its operation for biomass/and waste pyrolysis? Also, if any expert can share and throw light about the techno-commercial studies about the pyrolysis plant. I look forward to feedback and guidance, as we are planning to set-up a pilot plant unit for R & D purposes with commercial importance.

With best wishes and regards,

Dr. Manish Kumar




Institute of Mineral and Material Technology (IMMT), CSIR

Bhubaneswar (orissa)

Pin- 751013

Phone:+91-94380 38409


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