Waste cardboard, paper, newspaper, as feedstock #feedstock

Shaked From

Hi everyone,

For a few years now I’ve been using all the waste paper, news paper and cardboard that ends up in my house hold as feedstock for biochar, I use a 200 litre drum TLUD, leftover bones, fruit stones, egg shells, etc. go in the same drum at the same time.
i usually roll the cardboard and paper into ‘log’ shapes and stack in the drum with the rest mixed in..
for a while I had the postie dropping me all the leftover newspaper stacks, and those would go in as well.
i find using those materials as feedstock very practical as it all comes in similar enough thicknesses, it all comes dry, and it’s very easy to powder.

I have a few questions that I have not found peaceful with yet..

1. Toxicity in newspapers, I was told that only heavy metals could be an issue after going through such temperatures, and from my google style research it seems that it is very uncommon for newsprint to have any heavy metals involved any more..?

2. The quality of the char? I had not manage to find much research on the characteristics of char made of these materials, has anyone got access to such information? Has own experience?

3. In terms of CO2e, does it makes sense?
it seems that maybe these materials are being effectively recycled? Maybe for that reason this carbon is already in a ‘safe’ cycle? Maybe taking these out of the cycle means more trees are being chopped down unnecessarily? Or is it that at some point these materials end up rotting somewhere meaning the carbon is back in the atmosphere and so biochar is the safest? Etc...

I’m considering these both because of my small little thing, but also in terms of thinking of the local ‘rubbish and recycling’ facility and the amount of paper and such there...


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