Re: Powbrook Avocado tallies 35% Increase in Fruit from Biochar Amended Orchard #compost #avocado #application #patent

Rick Wilson

Hi Laurent, 
I do not believe that as a universal principle you need to charge biochar with nutrients for it to be helpful.

If you look at Cool Planet's web site they show a vast number of trials with success, I believe that all they do infiltrate the biochar with vinegar only.  


On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 09:05:21 PM PST, Laurent Chabanne via Groups.Io <laurentbiochar@...> wrote:

Charging is actually quite necessary. If not, spreading biochar is the equivalent of adding "negative nutrient" (or removing nutrients, if you want).

So ideally you should premix with compost (or fertilizer), if not you should compensate by adding more nutrients/fertilizer at/after application. (ideally you cocompost to accelerate the formation of a mineral/organic/biochar complex, as shown, notably, by Stephen Joseph).

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