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I am aware of funds being granted under the E384135Z Conservation Stewardship program.  It was for the making of biochar from woody debris.  If I recall correctly the biochar had to remain in the forest. 


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The soil carbon amendment conservation practice will apply nationally. We have found that regional and local directors at NRCS tend to view biochar differently. It has taken time for some of them to recognize and administer the Conservation Practice Standard CPS 384 Biochar Production from woody residue which Kelpie Wilson developed in collaboration with NRCS and USFS about three years ago. The carbon soil amendment was developed by the national team leader of the NRCS Soil Health Program which is managed in the Northeast from New Hampshire. So you have some local resources.


When the Soil Carbon amendment is officially launched USBI will contact each of the NRCS Soil Health Division  regional and leaders. Biochar continues to be an educational activity.




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It appears that there are differing state NRCS standards and or opportunities. MA NRCS has been resistant to any experimentation, demonstration or even discussion of the use of biochar. Experience from other practice areas applied in MA suggest that one may have to perjure oneself to get paid because the standard setting system is so resistant to proactivity in regards to needed work on the ground . BE CAREFUL


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When you compare this to the latest EU fertilizer regulation, it looks like the U.S. is surging ahead in allowing the use of biochar from a variety of feedstocks, though it advises biochar of >60% carbon to preserve extant P. It also requires bio-solids to be mixed with biochar or compost. The respective quantities required to meet the bio-solids standard will be a determinant as to how much this increases the demand for biochar.


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