Re: Natural Resources Conservation Service -- CONSERVATION PRACTICE STANDARD SOIL CARBON AMENDMENT #nrcs #carbon #amendment

Tom Miles

According to NRCS nine states have adopted the conservation practice 808-CPS-1 Soil Carbon Amendment. The practice and details of the amount of incentive allowable will be published on the NRCS website by the end of February along with many other practices that were included in the Farm Bill. NRCS in each state must adopt the practice for it to be used. Early adopters include: VT, MA, CT, DE, HI, CA, OR, CO and NJ.  Midwestern states have not adopted the practice due to concerns within NRCS state agencies about of "loss in yield of 10%" from using biochar. We don't know the thinking or experience behind that. Contact your state NRCS Soil Health Program to encourage the adoption or find out the details about deploying the practice. The practice applies to using compost, biochar alone, or biochar in combination with compost.     

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