Re: Natural Resources Conservation Service -- CONSERVATION PRACTICE STANDARD SOIL CARBON AMENDMENT #nrcs #carbon #amendment

Robert Lehmert

Ron and Tom -- The meeting went well, and I am truly appreciative of Tom's support and informed questions.

During my testimony, I was fairly blunt that ANR has been dragging their feet on making BC a RAP and BMP. I think the Committee was receptive, and there were two ANR directors in the room who heard my comment. We need these, and until we get them, it's impossible to develop an Ag market. 

I was also concerned that a fairly prominent producer of BC made some really extravagant claims -- 98% removal of P in a biochar filter! And then his wife said they can make BC with 100% C.  Oy vey. 

Whether the BC Bill proceeds or not is only a symbolic victory. The parts can be divvied up and assigned to other bills. We have approached the problem by developing recurring markets in State. That is why we snuck in the idea of establishing a VT mandatory "BioPreferred" procurement  standard for state purchases including private contractors. We that idea from the USDA and have now dropped it into the ether to one Bill or another. 

I'm getting a lot of interest in Cities taking long-term off-taker agreements to pyrolyze sludge. Towns are trucking it wet, >90 miles to pay a $67/ton tipping charge. 


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