Best Management Practices (BMP) designation for Biochar in Soils and Filtration #bmp #filtration

Robert Lehmert

For many months, we in Vermont have been frustrated in efforts to get biochar designated by the appropriate state agencies as a BMP, so that it can be used in $millions in projects accessing State funding. Without BMP, biochar continues to a hard sale.

I have provided all sorts of documentation, including the IBI and European standards, and a wide variety of scientific studies. I've testified before the House Ag Committee and button-holder Representatives.  So far, the Agency of Natural Resources is not budging -- or at best they say they're working on it, but nothing happens.

Is this a common experience? Have other states designated Biochar as a BMP, and if so -- who are they and how can I get a document that states that?

Any information you have might lead to the silver bullet.

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