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Charles Hegberg

Robert – I feel your pain.  I’m located in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and have been pushing it and have done zillions of presentations. I would think possibly some places along the West Coast might have something like Washington or Oregon.   


On another point, I would try not to get biochar designated as a new BMP as biochar can be used in many types of approved SWM BMPs.  Try to get it approved as an enhancement to existing approved BMPs just as compost or mulch is approved.  I know working with the University of Delaware since 2012 we have very strong and compelling information but have yet to get the powers to approve it even as an enhancement.  However, the private industry is moving are moving beyond the bureaucrats and doing it anyway.  They are tracking how much they used, where and field data where possible in prep to claim it one it is approved. 


We are gaining some traction with some folks discussing it and possibly reviewing it for crediting but at the pace of government the TMDL 2025 deadline will have passed. I just got word that PA NRCS will not approve the new 808 for soil carbon.  They say they want to see how it goes with other States and don’t have the bandwidth.  Not sure why when other States have accepted it.  I think it is rather shortsighted as PA is more than 25% behind meeting their pollution runoff goals.  I guess you just can’t fix stupid, can we? 

Chuck Hegberg




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Subject: [Biochar] Best Management Practices (BMP) designation for Biochar in Soils and Filtration


For many months, we in Vermont have been frustrated in efforts to get biochar designated by the appropriate state agencies as a BMP, so that it can be used in $millions in projects accessing State funding. Without BMP, biochar continues to a hard sale.

I have provided all sorts of documentation, including the IBI and European standards, and a wide variety of scientific studies. I've testified before the House Ag Committee and button-holder Representatives.  So far, the Agency of Natural Resources is not budging -- or at best they say they're working on it, but nothing happens.

Is this a common experience? Have other states designated Biochar as a BMP, and if so -- who are they and how can I get a document that states that?

Any information you have might lead to the silver bullet.

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