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Tom Miles


Thanks for the update. We look forward to seeing your system in operation.


We understand ta there are some anaerobic digesters in Europe which add biochar to their feed. It would be helpful to understand what value the owners see in adding biochar. Stable gas production while varying feedstock quality is one benefit that we have heard.


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I haven’t heard much of your own recent biochar work.  What’s happening for you?

We're developing a horizontal bed kiln, the prototype is nearly ready for testing in upstate New York ->
It's generating a lot of regional interest. John Schwarz informs me that he is running from one meeting to the next. 

At the moment, I'm translating the documentation for the Stockholm biochar urban plant bed project from Swedish into English to place here (text is also on the way) as part of a general effort to document a variety of biochar / wood vinegar scenarios as completely as I can. I was in Stockholm to see this project first hand and was very impressed to see how successful it is. I'm informed that it is being replicated in other part of Sweden, particularly in Uppsala (just north of Stockholm), where they are using the biochar structural soil under the roads to increase the storm water retention capacity to 100 year floods. I hope that having the documentation and construction drawings will help other cities to replicate this project. 

AD systems are on my list to research more fully, particularly as we have a dairy farm with a digester 4 miles away from the plant location. We already have an AD research project in the planning stage with someone at Cornell, which is also close to the plant location. 

So far, I've managed to read "A review of biochar properties and their roles in mitigating challenges with anaerobic digestion" (very good paper)
and "Biochar increases biogas production in a batch digester charged with cattle manure"

So, back to translating ... 
Nando Breiter
CarbonZero Sagl
Astano, Switzerland

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