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Charles Hegberg

The answer to your question is nicely summed up in this article.  You will quickly see why it is going to be a crisis.


The PFAS “Forever Chemical” is leading the charge right now.  While EPA has just released testing for drinking water, they still don’t have a clue or have figured out what to do about biosolids.  However, I think the current practices are on life support.  As the article states, one can’t keep spreading biosolids on fields or in woods and not expect all these contaminants not to re-enter the system. 


It is being discussed at various levels of government.  As mentioned AD does not deal with the long list of pollutants.  Only gasification and pyrolysis can tend with a majority of them.  It’s a bigger issue than anyone wants to lead on to. 




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Charles --

Would you be able to expand on this statement:

"For example, in the not so distant future, the USEPA is likely to ban all biosolids land applications including digestate."

There's so much opportunity in that, I need to understand better. By the way, I have asked for an amendment to Vermont's pending Biosolids Bill to specifically specify that Sludge Carbonizate may be considered an Exceptional Quality Biosolid.

Thanks --

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