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Tom, this is a super useful sounding project. The only question that I have is how you propose to normalize a cost structure/input costs structure and pricing for farmers? One of the issues that i deal with all the time in the developing world is that none of the pessimistic studies from the developed world fit. Farmers can make simple and effective biochar "fertilizer" themselves and achieve 30% yield increases that fundamentally change their food security and household income situations. This is not insignificant in that these guys represent more than 80% of the world's population.


On Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 11:46 AM Thomas Casten <tr9casten@...> wrote:
I am working on a database that gathers information from all studies cited in recent meta-analyses of biochar amendment impact on crop yield and on animal yield.  We plan to reach out to corresponding authors of each of the cited studies to obtain the yield and input data necessary to calculate incremental revenues and incremental costs for any farmer who duplicated yield improvements from the optimal study result.  Several reqiests:
  1. I heard IBI might have done this earlier.  Can anyone confirm?  Can you send information and the program if the same exists?
  2. We are looking to immediately hire an analyst to help build the data summary of all cases that documented yield improvement.  Full-time position in Chicago suburbs with a one-year posting.  Candidate would need a technical degree and interest in finding and promoting biochar use that improves farmer net margins per ha.  Please share with potential candidates, feel free to call to discuss at 630-915-9215
Tom Casten

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