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Roger Faulkner

Yes, you do understand my idea. I would like to do some calculations about how much of that biomass that rots in the winter is from crop residues? Is there enough crop residues 2 stop the rise of carbon dioxide?

 It is clear from the curve itself that if we can capture all of that carbon and sequester 50% of it that we could stop the rise. But a lot of that is in places like savannas of Earth añd forest and I know I don't want to see those places turned into biochar farms. On the other hand existing firms could readily convert the crop residue to biochar if the price for carbon sequestration was high enough.

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My understanding of the jigsaw rise and fall of atmospheric CO2 is that the increase in vegetation growth in summer draws down the CO2 levels due to increased photosynthesis in the northern hemisphere where most of the vegetated and cultivated landmass exists. Your idea for a paper seems to focus on capturing and pyrolizing residual biomass to drive the downward leg of the jigsaw further downward. Would you like to elaborate on your approach?


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