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Geoff Thomas

Lots of papers, - Acadamia has another hundred, all over the show, many topics, - free. very few seem to have actually done it though..
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Subject: Did you see? 37 top related papers to "Impact of Biochar on Organic Contaminants in Soil: A Tool for Mitigating Risk?"
Date: 25 March 2020 8:47:59 am AEST
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Forests: Carbon sequestration, biomass energy,
or both?

Alice Favero, Adam Daigneault, Brent Sohngen

There is a continuing debate over the role that woody bioenergy plays in climate mitigation. This paper clarifies this controversy and illustrates the impacts of woody biomass demand on forest harvests, prices, timber management investments and intensity, forest area, and the resulting carbon balance under different climate mitigation policies.  Increased bioenergy demand increases forest carbon stocks thanks to afforestation activities and more intensive management relative to a no-bioenergy case. Some natural forests, however, are converted to more intensive management, with potential biodiversity losses. Incentivizing both wood-based bioenergy and forest sequestration could increase carbon sequestration and conserve natural forests simultaneously. We conclude that the expanded
use of wood for bioenergy will result in net carbon benefits, but an efficient policy also needs to regulate forest carbon sequestration.

No mention of biochar that I found in a first quick look.

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