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HI All,
There is a site Space Weather News which has done a lot of background research about the inputs to climate forcing and come up with some very different relationships than are currently employed by the IPCC although they discuss how this is gradually changing in favor of the principles that are laid out by studies of solar and galactic and further out sources of climate forcing energies.

Their take is discussed in detail in several videos below their daily discussion of solar dynamics. A good place to start is the solar wind summary, but all of the upper row of videos are pretty self explanatory.

The take away is that human impacts have been grossly overstated, and that things are changing rapidly but not for the reasons we have been led to discuss here and elsewhere. Their point is that pollution is a major problem that we can impact with good systems. Forests are important on many levels but probably not for the global climatic stabilization discussed in this thread. The growth of forests and the possible formation of charcoal from the thinnings and upper stem portions of trees is an important function that humans should know a lot about and be able to practice and use wherever tree growth is possible.
Thus the thread is just as important as you all think it is but possibly for different reasons. Do your own research.   

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On Saturday, April 4, 2020 10:03 PM, David R Derbowka <david.derbowka@...> wrote:

Hey Geoff
It's amazing the numbers you displayed.  Amazing, because it's engineering that makes our situation understandable\monatorable.  It shows off the unbalance on Earth.  We made the mess, we have the numbers, we have the ability, now, how do we open the doors of opportunity?  And will someone make mince meat out of our information?  (that's our worst enemy)   You also show me, what a marvelous being is Planet Earth.  Earth, as ever, has more gifts for us to use with our ability.

Dave Derbowka

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On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 10:55 PM Geoff Thomas <wind@...> wrote:
Hi David, research I did in 2007 claimed these figures,  - "Approximately 100 billion tons of carbon circulates between the atmosphere and the approximately 750 billion ton reservoir in Land plants” .
Later I came across a claim that it was 110 billion tons, so I thought well, that’s in the ball park.

So that gives us a pretty good margin, - we don’t have to pyrolize every skerrick. 

Last I could bear to look we are throwing about 15 billion tons into the atmosphere  every  year, but of course not at this moment thanks to Coronavirus.

Nothing like getting back to Base Principles Eh.

Geoff Thomas.

On 3 Apr 2020, at 10:46 pm, Roger Faulkner via <roger_rethinker@...> wrote:

Something that I have puzzled about 4 years is how much of the total carbon taken in by plants during a growing season is shed in there dying deciduous leaves? If one had a forest in which the Dead leaves were converted to biochar how much of a difference would that make in terms of permits permanent sequestration

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 3:18 PM, David R Derbowka
If every farmer made a three or so hedge row deep of "hard working" (trees, or hemp, or bamboo...whatever) along side the usual food production area of land available, an Earthly "balance" might be achieved at each location of "carbon farming" participants.  A professional cooker outfit could cook the year's production for the farmer.   OR, the farmer would possibly choose to do kon-tiki or whatever for themselves.  But a cooker machine portable, may commence trade deals for those who choose.
But education has to happen.      I know that here in Canada a portable unit is now available. (Expensive) In the meanwhile, I focus on building products privately.  There are a gargantuan batch of opportunities existing, certainly if one considers "organic" building products.

I say this to get us out of the forest. (logistics and tfl [tree farm licence] owners really don't want us in their faces.) I say this too, to protect farm lands.  I say this to share with everyone a perhaps doable, shared opportunity.

The big picture regarding climate change translates to me, that farmers have the ball in their court.   And we all agree; "biochar could help save the world".   Starting at the ground; the sun needs greenery to shine upon, so, observations are what leads me to say what I share.  

David R Derbowka


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