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Hi Kelpie:
I believe biochar must be in the equation.  Here is why:  We know what biochar does, so; why not use a perfected biochar medium in the styro blocks? (trees starter systems)  That way, when the tree is out planted, It will have a better chance to survive in a drought stricken, flood stricken place to live.  Then we might stop digging out carbon sink peat bogs, (medium) which is just one more stupid mankind practice.     I find leaves are a stable base for making our own soil.  And of course adding char and whatever else you have at hand, (liquid dairy manure) to complete a compost process for a nursery.  It works well for me.  I'm just saying; like early childhood education, it's our best attempt.  

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Trillion Trees Initiative. See:

Anybody have any ideas about how we could get this initiative to adopt biochar as a best practice for planting trees? Donald Trump is supporting the Trillion Trees, so maybe we need to send him a briefing paper on trees and biochar?

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