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Roger Faulkner

Thank you for those insights kelpie.

I am a chemist and the gardener good I don't have any specific knowledge about the problem you're having with tomatoes. However I would point out that sodium police Lo-Fi or potassium police 05 in particular would be very interesting to try for this. what can make your own potassium polysulphide by Missy mixing one mole of potassium hydroxide with something like two to four moles of sulfur FaceTime the Adams offered as opposed to the s8 molecule. is mutstore phrase you can get in and still have it go soluble would be the most desirable way to dry it.

Calcium polysulfide is used all the time as a dormant spray in organic gardening but my inspiration play my chemical intuition is that potassium polysulphide might be effective against this tomato tomato problem and it's worth a shot.

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Dear Mike,
It seems a very promising mixture for soil physical structure and nutritional balance. Have you already harvest potatoes?


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We use a blend of green sand, gypsum, diatomaceous earth, vermicompost, bone char, wheat straw char, wood char, and leaf compost to plant the potato starts......


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