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Here is some general guidance on seed priming....

1. Pick a big seed, like corn, to start with.

2. You want to soak the seed for at least 8 hours to get the soaking liquid into the seed matrix.

3. Use 4 volumes of soaking liquid to one volume of seed.

4. Stir the seed solution hourly to keep the solution aerated.

5. Make 3 dilutions ( 100, 500, 1000) of the aged urine to create 3 seed soaking solutions.

6. After the 8 hour soak filter the seed out of the soaking solution.

7. Plan on planting the seed the next day. So air dry the seed in a cool shady place by spreading the seed on a flat surface.

Would your farmers typically direct seed the corn or create transplants ?   I like to create corn transplants because than I can put a strong plant in the grown.

You can contact me directly at mikethewormguy@... if you have further questions on this topic........


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