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abraham abyslo

Soaking biochar in diluted urine is good and less strenuous than pouting in the urine later for crops like rice.
But anyone here who knows a simple method or tool that will bury presoaked biochar into furrows in which are planted the seeds? 

This will make the quantity of the biochar far less and easier to weed the crop field.

On Sun, Apr 12, 2020, 20:16 ALHAJI ADAM ZACHARIAH SULEMANA via <> wrote:
Dear Goodfellow,

Regarding the collection of urine in an airtight container, in addition to curbing the bad smell, I'm curious to learn whether pathogens in the urine are eliminated as well?


On Sun, 12 Apr 2020 at 7:06 pm, Environmental Industries
Dear all,

Combining urine fertilizer and Biochar is a new thing to me. I have worked with urine for fertilizer since 2007. On collection I don't find it necessary to shake the collection container. What matters is to leave the urine to age in airtight container after collection in order to curb the bad smell.

On application, yes you apply Biochar at planting as basal dressing but I don't apply urine as well at that stage until the crop is well established for top dressing with urine fertilizer. That way the urine will sink down the soil to mix with Biochar.

However, I wonder if we could mix urine fertilizer and Biochar prior to planting. And in what ratio.


Goodfellow Phiri.

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