Re: A response to "From Zero to Hero?:" #sdg

Kathleen Draper

Hi Ron –

At the last 2 COPs IBI had some information available on how biochar can support many of the SDGs. I even had a bookmark outlining this topic designed as a giveaway at the IBI booth in 2018 (warning – font is tiny!). I’ve attached the presentation and the jpg file which I used for the bookmark. NOTE: this wasn’t vetted by the IBI Board or Science committee, it is just something I put together which I thought would be helpful at that event. It  probably needs some updating, especially on the building materials side of things, but it should serve to help educate. Feel free to share.


Also in case folks hadn’t read Hans-Peter’s 2018 article on Pyrolysis with Carbon Capture and Storage, here is a link:




PS. sorry if this comes through twice. having issues responding via outlook.

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