Re: Biochar, charcoal and wood ash #biochar #charcoal #ash



I ask about the garlic because, in addition to being a big garlic fan, we grow garlic (green & bulb) commercially, as well as, make pest management formulations from the garlic extract.

Garlic is a very effective intercropping partner for a range of crops.  We intercrop garlic with our blueberries, strawberries, industrial CBD hemp, and potatoes.  Garlic does much to improve long term soil health.    In our part of the world, we plant hardneck garlic in October/November.  The garlic starts to push in late March and is ready as 'green garlic' in early June and as 'bulb garlic' in late July.  We put a small amount of biochar and rock minerals in every hole that we plant the garlic clove.  We keep about 25% of our current garlic harvest for the next season's planting.

One idea to consider is to use a diluted garlic extract as the solution used to dilute the urine in to make the 10% urine.  The garlic extract would widen the functionality of the urine application as a pest mitigation&fertlizer combo. 


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