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Harry Groot

Consider me "in".  

Dovetail Partners has done work on both the SDGs and Biochar (see the reports in their library at  I have personal interest in both topics and was delighted to see the cross post from the CDR list to bring the issues together.  

For what it's worth, Dovetail has a subscription list in excess of 40K readers, which can provide another avenue to disseminate information if we develop something of interest to conservation and natural resource professionals and to policy makers.


On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 4:49 PM Ron Larson <rongretlarson@...> wrote:
Kathleen and biochar list (NOT going to CDR list - as this idea is only biochar related)

Thanks for the added input and suggestion.

I volunteer to be part of this - expecting that you will have a little time also.  I suggest that for awhile we stay off list, except for periodic progress reports  

Anyone else?  (Besides the “crowd source”?)

 Experts in both biochar and specific SDGs should expect to be contacted.   This is too big an issue for just a few of us.   


On Apr 14, 2020, at 12:49 PM, Kathleen Draper <kdraper2@...> wrote:

Thanks Ron, I started pondering this topic back in May 2017 (blogged about it here) and have been iterating on the topic since then but haven't posted the slides before now...just didn't think about it until you started this thread.

It would be great to crowd source more example for the different SDGs and then maybe we could write up something for the Biochar Journal and IBI. I have my hands full at the moment so if we have any great writers out there that would like to volunteer to draft something, please get in touch with me. 

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