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Kim Chaffee


I thought you all should know about the Rich Earth Institute, headquartered in Brattleboro, Vermont USA.  They are working to erase the stigma regarding human urine and feces, to improve sanitation worldwide, and to use these valuable resources for promoting world health.  Please visit their website below and watch their funny video.  Like me, you can sign up to be on their email list.  Thanks.

Kim Chaffee 

From their latest email:

Annual Urine Donor Kick-Off goes virtual! April 30, 5:30 PM

Join us for our annual community gathering and a screening of the film Mr. Toilet. Before the film, we will unveil the 2019 Piss-off Contest winners. We will share our latest news at Rich Earth and let you know how you can become a urine donor if you live nearby and haven’t started collecting yet. The film screening will begin at 6:00 PM, followed by a discussion with the director, Libby Zepeda.

It’s time to break the toilet taboo! 2.6 billion people worldwide do not have access to sanitation. Join us as we uplift critical conversations about the struggle for global sanitation equity. Watch the Mr. Toilet trailer below.

Please RSVP to receive a Zoom invitation.


5:30 - Welcome and Piss-off Award Ceremony

6:00 - Screening of Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man

7:30 - Q & A with Director Lily Zepeda 

This event is free but we would welcome your donations. All proceeds for this event will support Rich Earth’s capital campaign to buy our building and secure a permanent home for urine recycling in Brattleboro. 
Watch the Mr. Toilet trailor here!

What people are saying:

"Mr. Toilet reveals how bathroom humor can change the world. Jack Sim might shock people, but he’s raising awareness about sanitation issues on a global scale." ~ The Wrap

"Mr Toilet is flushed with fun." ~ FF2 Media

"The film succeeds in creating an intimate portrait of a quirky, and eccentric individual full of compassion, love and wit who uses his ingenuity and skills to create a meaningful dialogue on shit." ~ The Extra Mile

On Apr 12, 2020, at 3:05 PM, Environmental Industries <licusociety@...> wrote:

Dear all,

Combining urine fertilizer and Biochar is a new thing to me. I have worked with urine for fertilizer since 2007. On collection I don't find it necessary to shake the collection container. What matters is to leave the urine to age in airtight container after collection in order to curb the bad smell.

On application, yes you apply Biochar at planting as basal dressing but I don't apply urine as well at that stage until the crop is well established for top dressing with urine fertilizer. That way the urine will sink down the soil to mix with Biochar.

However, I wonder if we could mix urine fertilizer and Biochar prior to planting. And in what ratio.


Goodfellow Phiri.

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