Re: 4 per 1000 - North American regional meeting #CDR #conference #carbonsink #carbonsequestration #sequestration

Jessica Lunsford

4 per 1000 does not reference biochar but here in NZ a paper was written around carbon sequestration which also mentioned biochar. I'm fairly certain you are aware of that one Trevor, first author is David Whitehead.

On Fri, 24 Apr 2020, 19:10 Trevor Richards, <trevor@...> wrote:
I've not found reference to biochar on the 4per1000 website but I do note that Debbie Reed (past IBI leader) is listed as a speaker.

Here is a link to the regional meeting website, scheduled for 11th to 15th May (zoom - free signup).
Maybe they need to hear from biochar proponents.

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