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Benoit Lambert

Dear Ron, list, 

As I describe in my blog 20 on November 1 2018, there is vested interests in carbon offsets and credits. The European Union has partly used CDM and JI credits to obtains its 30% reduction within the Kyoto protocol framework. In most countries, offsets are a small part of reaching targets — every offset bought is money a country sends abroad... In most countries it might have been 5% of their reductions, up to 50% in very small countries. 

Among bio-sourced climate solutions, France is interested in agriculture, including animal husbandry. Finland by forestry and trees. This explains why it took long to get an agreement for nature-based carbon sinks. 27 countries, with 27 views. NGOs feared it would reduce pressure for an energy transition, etc. 

I mentioned biochar to Dr Paul Luu at the FAO and to minister Stéphane Le Föll at Regenerative Canada meeting in Montreal in 2017. They heard about biochar, at least from me. Hans-Peter Schmidt, Claudia Kammann, Bruno Glaser and others make a good job at promoting biochar in Europe. It should be part of 4per1000 toolbox sooner than later, especially now that it is in two of three IPCC special reports, the 1.5°C and the one on land restoration. 



Le 24 avr. 2020 à 09:09, Ron Larson via <rongretlarson@...> a écrit :

Trevor and list:

Thanks for this alert.  

The series has a strong emphasis on Canada (bi-lingual).  But also labeled as North American.  The moderator is the head of 4p1000:  Dr.  Paul Luu (French).  Supposed to be plenty of chances for dialog after talks in the 5 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

Biochar fits beautifully into the 4p1000 program - but they apparently don’t know that.


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I've not found reference to biochar on the 4per1000 website but I do note that Debbie Reed (past IBI leader) is listed as a speaker.

Here is a link to the regional meeting website, scheduled for 11th to 15th May (zoom - free signup).
Maybe they need to hear from biochar proponents.

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