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Stephen Joseph

Hi Claudia Mike et al

I put my coffee grounds in the worm farm with the biochar (with food scraps) and then the worms do my work for me as they injest both.  I keep my worm farm outside and when it rains I get this wonderful dark brown to black  liquid full of  very small particles of biochar that are full of a whole range of nutrients.  I will do some scanning electron microscopy of the  particles tonight.    Here is a batch just come out from the worm farm after a small rain event.


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…I guess there are tons and tons of coffee remains every day with Starbucks and co. Might be nice to soak the remains and biochar together and let it dry up – accelerated “ageing” and the used coffee powder makes nice soil additives anyway.


cheers, Claudia


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As needed, we will soak our wood biochar in a humic acid/kelp extract.  


The coffee idea is a wake up call for biochar.....






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