Re: Can Top Lighting Make Firepits Burn Cleanly? #tlud #firepit

Harry Groot

Raymond, (and others who may have interest) is this a potential project worthy of a Conservation Innovation Grant proposal?  

With the data and protocols coming from your work, it seems to be a good time to look at wider dissemination of this technology( thru Extension and directly to farmers and forest stewards).  While the Western forests have been the driving force for moving flame capped kiln know-how forward, it's not widely known or used in the Midwest and East--so a national scope project seems feasible and would have multiple benefits for the biochar, natural resources, and conservation communities.

Harry Groot
Dovetail Partners, Inc.

On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 9:31 PM Raymond Baltar <rbaltar@...> wrote:

We have been working with CAPCOA in California for the past year on developing an emissions protocol for conservation burn piles and flame cap kilns, and we have an advocate within this organization who is spearheading this proposal. We are working with the USFS Fire Sciences Lab in Missoula Montana and they have come up with a protocol and a quote for this work.  CAPCOA is now looking for funding from it membership, and I feel confident we will secure it.  Obviously, methane emissions are a huge factor in determining the true sequestration value of biochar, and I am hoping we can bring Jim Amonette into this process for his expertise in these measurements.


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