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N2O is the greenhouse gas, 300 times more forcing than CO2.  NO2 is not, but will generate ozone, which is, on sunny days.  NO2 is only produced in internal combustion engines, not in the soil.  N2O is the opposite, and will be produced in soil if conditions are anaerobic or partially so.  This is why biochar helps, it lowers the chances of the soil becoming anaerobic.




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According to this story, the new IPCC report focuses on the need to keep the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees C., not 2.0 C.  It compares both the consequences of the extra 0.5 C increase, as well as the actions needed to prevent it.  Several of the 37 highlights in this summary have special relevance to biochar:


"19. Methane and black carbon, both more potent greenhouse gases, will need to be cut by at least 35% by 2050, compared to 2010. But cuts in non-CO2 emissions must be made carefully. If more bioenergy is used to replace fossil fuels, it could push up climate-warming nitrous oxide pollution from agriculture."


Large scale use of biochar could significantly reduce NO2 emissions.  If by “black carbon” they mean soot from incineration, biochar be a big help there too.  See also highlights 29 thru 34, all of which, IMHO, support the scaling up of biochar.  







BTW,  We Don’t Have Time bills itself as "the world largest social network for climate action”.  They could become an opinion influencer for biochar.  Does anyone know their leaders?  


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