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"Wood vinegar" is commonly produced here in N Thailand using all manner of systems ranging from the equivalents of TLUDs to charcoal ovens. As for quality, i cannot say, but feedstocks range from rice straw and corn stalk to longan and mango tree prunings.

Sells very well for a lot so customers seem to think its great.


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To those interested in PAcid.      “Pyroligneous” is simple tooooo long to type out each time.


It is easy to imagine large facilities making PAcid / (A.K.A.  wood or straw vinegar).   But is it done (or could it be done) when pyrolysis is in barrel size or up to shipping container size devices?   Any insights or URL links would be appreciated.  


Long ago I saw a video of PAcid production in Brazil (?) with a small pyrolyzer and the condensation being in hollowed out bamboo “tubes” at a slight incline with the condensed liquid running back down the tube to a drain hole, and  with (I believe) combustion at the far end of the tube for any non-condensable pyrolytic combustible gases.   Impressed me enough that I still remember it quite clearly.


If PAcid is better from straw than from wood, could it be better from other abundant feedstocks, such as maize stalks or hemp stems?   Is that a topic of interest?




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Hi Bob


Most of the vinegar that is made in China now comes from different straws.  The research in Chin is indicating that this feedstock gives a better response than wood as a plant stimulant.


I have already included one paper on this in a previous post.





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Much like biochar,there is a huge list of applications.  Different dilutions for different tasks.  It's commonly used in Asia and is gaining acceptance in the U.S.  We make it from various species, mostly wood.  It will require you to do a whole study for its own sake.  The best use for us is a 800:1 water:PA mix as foliar spray for plant growth stimulant, giving us amazing results.



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