Re: [CDR] The Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal initiative is issuing an RFP on marine macroalgae cultivation and utilization research Introduction #CDR


Interesting idea..........

Depending on the species of macroalgae chosen for cultivation, there are already an agricultural, culinary, healthcare, bioplastics and biotech market already established for different species wild harvested marine macroalgae .

Did a small project awhile ago in Alaska involving harvesting and primary processing of near shore bull kelp. It is amazing to see how fast the algae plants grows back after harvest. 

The cultivated marine microalgae needs to be able to compete with the established.price point for wild harvested marine macroalgae.  This makes the business model a challenge and will require innovation&imagination.

We have been using marine macroalgae/brown algae/kelp extract for decades for soil and plant improvement.

Kelp extract pairs nicely with biomass char, like wood, bone, and straw for soil and plant health improvement. There is alot of different variations that can be cooked up.

My sense a CHP&B energy system could be useful in the processing phase of the operation.  Processing to an end product can be energy intensive.

my 2 cents......


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