Potential for large-scale CO2 removal via enhanced rock weathering with croplands: Nature #rockdust #weathering #carbonmineralization

Kim Chaffee


This newly published research paper in Nature appears to open a new avenue for promoting the use of biochar.   We know that soluble minerals in the form of 'rock dust’ work synergistically with biochar to improve crop yield and nutritional value.  Now, it appears that the CO2 removal capabilities of the rock dust itself can also be a significant climate benefit.  Another synergy.

This article is behind a paywall, but the abstract also contains the figures, which are very informative.  It may be possible to obtain the 'rock dust’ from industrial silicate materials without having to do more mining.  Any thoughts?

Kim Chaffee 

From the abstract:

Enhanced silicate rock weathering (ERW), deployable with croplands, has potential use for atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) removal (CDR), which is now necessary to mitigate anthropogenic climate change1. ERW also has possible co-benefits for improved food and soil security, and reduced ocean acidification2,3,4

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