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I do not see your company name nor contact info, so the only reply is via this Discussion Group.


Please contact me directly at    psanders@...  .   I am interested in how you intend to make your biochar.   I could have some alternatives that you might consider.  (RoCC kiln   at  )




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Dear colleagues,


I am writing because recently we got a request to develop seaweed biochar from a company based in USA. We are a technology developing company and we have strong collaborations with US industries in the area of biofuels. However, biochar is a new branch in our company and we are looking to collaborate with an analytical facility in USA in order to provide certified reports. Could you please guide me to a company that can provide such reports or please provide an example  standard report format that US labs use to provide results to the clients (attached UK standards  as an example to know if they are similar to the USA Standards).


Without further ado,

Kind Regards 🍀

Edgar Ramirez Huerta, Ch.E



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