Re: Urine fertilizer: 'Aging' effectively protects against transfer of antibiotic resistance -- ScienceDaily #urine

Thanks, Mike. This raises an issue that I had never considered, "snippets of DNA." Because we now know that it is possible to make even the nastiest water potable by putting it in a clear bottle and setting it in the sun for a few hours, I assumed that a less lengthy process than storing the stuff for 12 to 18 months would be to treat it like water. Assuming that the urinary bacteria are no tougher than the stuff floating around in puddles and the like, I figured they, too, would "pass on." Now these pesky snippents.

Does anybody know anything about snippets? Are they really sufficient to pass on diseases? How long lasting are they? How susceptible are they to one or another low-rent intervention?

Oh, and while we are at it, am I totally off when suggesting that water treatment will clear urine of its bad boys?


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