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So, David, if I read you correctly, the notion is that there is no need to worry because in a complete system of bacteria, the "bad guys" will be reduced in number to such a minority that they will not be a problem?

Q: While this may work in the soil on the same model as "forests don't get sick," what about the poor schmuck whose personal biome is not balanced in a way to deal successfully with an unlucky dose of something he ought not be ingesting?


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On Sun, Sep 6, 2020 at 10:19 PM David Yarrow <dyarrow5@...> wrote:
there are a few hidden false assumptions embedded in this question.
the first is the very idea of "sterilization."
pee & poop should not be stripped of biotic activity, or treated to kill anything.
proper, natural degradation & stabilization of these "wastes" requires (indeed, is mostly) a biologic process driven by micro-organisms.  any talk of "sterilization" moves the discussion and any solution in the wrong direction.  "inoculation," "oxygenation" & "nutrient/ion balances" are better concepts to discuss this sanitation scenario.

another hidden assumption is it's all about bacteria.
microbes, too, exist in ecosystems made of families, species & classes.  fungi and other more complex microbes are crucial to stabilize "sanitary wastes" and not only render them safe, but return them to the "Soil Fertility Cycle" (now there's a lost concept!)

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On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 9:40 AM Kevin McLean <info@...> wrote:
Does biochar charged with urine need to be stored for a month before application?

The WHO recommends that urine to be applied as fertilizer on food crops that are processed should be stored for a month to kill pathogens.  Urine should be stored for six months for crops that are eaten raw.  Is there a similar storage requirement for biochar charged with urine (or manure)?

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