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Paul S Anderson

Biochar Listers,


Just arrived, a 4 minute video from a morning newscast in New Zealand about biochar.   Well done!!!  


http://soilcarbon.org.nz/seven-sharp-on-biochar/     or same video is at    https://www.youtube.com/embed/tyqks1MHjBE


But it does not say the method used to make the shown giant pile of biochar from sawdust, so I hope that Miles Pope (or some other “Kiwi” on our discussion group) will send us an answer.


I received this information because I am subscribed to    AllBlackEarth , the New Zealand biochar group


BTW, “All Blacks” is also the name of the awesome New Zealand rugby team, the guys with the famous “haka” chant before each game.




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Trevor posted: " https://www.youtube.com/embed/tyqks1MHjBE "


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Seven Sharp on biochar

by Trevor

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