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We really need to get active to attract funding (as for demonstration projects and heat use plus biochar).   The  item below says the money is there.   Proposals that would like to include the RoCC kiln technology can count on my participation. 




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The House Energy and Water (E&W) FY21 appropriations bill includes serious amounts of funding for technological carbon removal. Under this bill, DOE would receive $95 million for RD&D on negative emissions technologies, a $35 million increase from the year prior. Within those $95 million, $40 million is specifically dedicated to DAC, a $5 million increase. There’s also a whopping $239.5 million within additional relief provisions for demonstrations of negative emissions technologies. Along with these funding increases, the bill also requires DOE to create a coordinated program across the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the Office of Fossil Energy, and the Office of Science for RD&D into negative emissions technologies. This was included last year, but didn’t happen. 

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