The Wonders of Wood Vinegar Webinar #webinar #woodvinegar


Hello All,

Next week I will be participating in a webinar regarding the wonders of wood vinegar.  The webinar is being put on by the Australia/New Zealand Biochar folks (   I am sure if you contact Don Coyne (execdirect@..., he can provide webinar details.

My contribution will be discussing the practioner work we have been doing with Wood Vinegar, as well as, Walnut Shell Vinegar in combination or seperately for seed, soil, and leaf treatments.

I will be posting our Green Quest website (, the soil drench recipe that I have used this season for feeding all of our vegetables, as well as, our CBD Hemp planting on ..  Contained in this posting will be details behind the recipe development.

My expectation is that folks use this 'living' recipe and provide feedback to Biochar World.  This current recipe has worked for us but you may need to modify the recipe for it to work for you.  The instructions I am providing can be seen, as a starting point.

This posting will occur next week.   Contact me via email (mikethewormguy@...) if you have questions about the soil drench recipe directions.   I will try to be as clear as possible in my instructions......

Happy Experimenting !

Mike Flynn
Green Quest LLC (
BioSpecific LLC (
" Chance favors the prepared mind"...a.e.

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