Re: New biochar paper - covering LCA, profitability , and China #china #lca


Thank-you for pointing out this article. It looks clear and comprehensive but particularly applicable to China and other socialist countries as long as governments continue to subsidize fossil fuels while ignoring the economic costs of greenhouse gasses. You and I can be stirred by what this says about addressing climate change, but as I keep hearing from Kathleen and others, climate benefits don't sell biochar in the U.S. - it's all about the economic benefits. Converting the financial figures in the abstract to USD, if the price of CO2 was $45/t, it would cost $3B/yr in government subsidies to make biochar in China solvent - really not all that much when you look at the trillions subsidizing fossil fuels. Score one for communism if they follow through. How do we make this something U.S. policy makers pay attention to? I think they will, but only after fossil fuel prices are through the roof and we can't grow enough food due to drought and desertification.
That said, I agree that this paper is a standout for its brevity, scope, and clarity.

Best Regards,

Robert Gillett

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