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Helmut Gerber

at sufficiently severe pyrolysis conditions (> 500°C) and residence times (> 3 min), all
reference organic contaminants and organic micropollutants are completely or nearly
completely degraded or driven off the solid material.
( Literature review attached)

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Would fecal char be safe for use as biochar?  I know our current challenge for use of sludge in agriculture is pollution such as anti-biotics in material.  Would the heat of pyrolysis destroy those threats?  Otherwise, it is a feedstock that forms to the size of the retort, unlike wood that must be cut into small pieces.  

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This is how they do it in Kenya.


Ingelore Kahrens


Am 13.10.2020 um 16:17 schrieb bajarobl:
Interesting article:
Dewetting sewer solids will take a lot of energy, but carbonizing degrades plastics and pharmaceutical, the bugaboos of sewer waste recovery efforts. 

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