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Geoff Thomas

Hi Muriel, I find that Facebook no longer supports my Browser - Safari, so condescendingly uses a “simplified” browser, - the which is not stated.
My computer is 8 years old, - that is not old for a Mac, but can not be updated to the latest IOS, - I believe that Microsoft uses similiar techniques.
Except for the fact that all these earlier protocols etc. used to work fine, one could be tempted to think that ‘nothing lasts forever,’ and indeed, the younger ‘cutting edge’ developers and designers in the Computer Industry, probably, because of their extreme youth, - probably still in their late teens or early twenties, can’t imagine that they would want to keep information for their old age, 50 years down the track, - can’t imagine that they will be even alive in 20 years time so could easily be persuaded not to worry about people wanting to have access to the earlier times.

Alas a very short sighted view of history, as they will find, well before they are our age, that Life is Long, not, as the materialistic jingle proclaims, Life is Short, - so have fun now, buy now pay later, don’t worry about the environment, the future, etc.

Of course behind these attitudes there is the driving influence of the super rich owners, who are quite happy to sacrifice anything to make an extra dollar, and I could well imagine that the average boardroom representing the share holders would quickly pass ANY measures to save the companies that earn them money, more money.

The only answer I can imagine at the moment, (and I hope there might be other answers) is to set up a consumer group that particularly caters for continuation of older computer access and machinery, - it would need some sort of funding from it’s members to pay minimal administrative costs, - (and a constitution to keep that minimal) , and older techies prepared, (and I think it would not be hard to find such), to pay to do the necessary software tweaking to allow older programmes etc to continue, despite not being the latest and greatest, but just because people have them and are able to use them without buying and learning to run an entire new computer network replete with ever increasing “Cloud” charges etc. just to satisfy the grafters out there, - I have a friend still using the old ‘paper’ disks once the latest and greatest.

It will not be more than 5 years from now that most readers of this email will find themselves unable to access stuff they consider essential, - it does not feel trivial when it happens to you.

Worth further discussion I believe and thank you Muriel for having the courage to raise this issue.

Geoff Thomas,

On 26 Oct 2020, at 1:17 pm, Muriel Strand <> wrote:

FB won’t let me post either of these websites on my FB page

and i can’t go to
from FB

Muriel Strand, P.E.

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